Mila began her journey at Breachwood Green in 2022 and even though it hasn’t always been straight forward for her for her it has been apparent she is well cared for. Thank you for being so kind and supportive to us as a whole family and providing a comfortable and fun learning environment for Mila. Each day she arrives home happy with lots to report from her day. Thank you so much to everyone who has believed in her. We wish you all the best for the future. Emma, 2024

What a wonderful, caring and cozy pre-school Breachwood Green is! Encouraging children ro explore thanks to the rotation of activities. My son loved all the amazing teachers like a family. We are very grateful for all the efforts that the teachers put in to make everyday special. Parents of Filip, 2023

I couldn’t recommend Breachwood Green Pre-school enough if anybody is looking for a safe and enjoyable environment for their children to go to. My child always wants to go to school and is very happy when I pick him up. The activities they get the children involved in are great. I feel my child has developed and learnt so much which is all down to this amazing school and lovely teachers. Thank you! Parent, 2023

“Going to school is one of Ariella’s favourite things to do. She loves her teachers and her friends so very much. Ariella loves to learn, create, play and has processed greatly in confidence and independence. Ariella always sings the songs at home that she has learnt at school – “wiggly woo”, she even pretends to be a teacher and makes mummy and daddy sit down on the carpet at home for circle time. Thank you Breachwood Green Pre-School. Lauren and Halil Weston 2022

Dominic joined the Pre-school with very basic English. At the beginning he was quite a shy boy. He spent the first two days crying and on the third day he met Tracey. To this day I don’t know what happened but the next day he was like a new child, there were no more tears. Slowly he began to feel more comfortable and play with other children. Thank you for everything he has learnt from you and for every word in English. Dominic will miss you all. He would like to take you to his new school. Thank you! Parents of Dominic, 2023

A really wonderful pre-school. Leo made lots of friends, he’s now prepared for joining his new “big school” and he’s grown massively in confidence. Compared to his time at his childminder, we feel that he’s had the opportunity to develop-especially during his time of being potty trained so we are really grateful for that. Keep up the great work. Zoe & Matt, 2023

Kyzer was very happy, settled and excited to come to school everyday. His development has grown massively within the months he has been there. He has made some amazing friends which he will miss dearly. As parents it has been nice knowing Kyzer is very happy well looked after and happy. I amvery grateful for everyone at Breachwood Green Pre-school. Parents of Kyzer, 2023

“My son loves going to Breachwood Green Pre-school. He enjoys the activities such as cooking, building and the outside space they utilise.

He has come on leaps and bounds with his vocabulary, letters and numbers.

He even asks to go at the weekend. The staff are excellent.”

Cara, 2021

“My son started attending BWG Preschool well before his 3rd birthday. He was quite a shy boy with a passion for dinosaurs. The preschool managed to ease him into the new environment amazingly well, they didn’t try to force anything upon him and just let him play with his favourite toys (dinosaurs) each and every single day, making sure they were always out on the days he’d stay there.

He slowly became much more comfortable with the new environment and confident to try other things. Today he has varied interests and absolutely loves his preschool. He is not happy about half-term breaks and at weekends he asks if he could go to preschool!

Thanks very much to all the Staff, you are doing a wonderful job.”

Karolina, 2021